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Description:  Always topical always irreverent frequently incomprehensible. fulfills your need for news satire with daily headlines and weekly features Thursday March 13 2003 The day the lighted picture went out SOMEWHERE near Quebec (LP) best known for its mordant wit and endearing affection for all things Canadian died here on March 13 2003. The cause of death was unknown although a spokesman for the site said that "anyone who might be reading these words right now" is likely at fault. Others suggested however that the site might have died after watching a virulent Franco-hatred spread across the United States in late February and early March 2003. $ When was active there was a very popular poll here. Since the site was "mothballed" this has been removed. Sorry you missed it. Visit Visit Top Stories Headlines we would like to see Copyright 2001 The Lighted Picture Network  
Keywords:  collaborative, fiction, odes, ballads, stories, brilliant, fiction, lighted, picture, lighted, humor, magazine, zine, literature, satire, weekly, canadian  
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Another Random Link

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