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Free place to add your Canadian website, post your link to our database for Canada. Please add a site related to Canadian stuff, freebies and others, add your link. Canada add url, submit a Canadian web site URL, subit a Canada web link for free, URL submission across Canada -  Canada URL submit, Canadian URL submit service, Canada url submission and our server will spider your submitted web page for needed meta tags keywords and description title. Easy to add your listing. Post your Canadian business listing, promote your online store or business services. Canada URL submit and Free Canadian URL submissions, spider your pages, you set the bait. Canada's top major search engine, canadian top major search engine, canada top major search engine url submit page

   First read our policies/terms. Simply fill in your Canadian URL (web address) and submit. This tool does not give a Canadian directory or subdirectory listing (use the Friendly Canadian Search Engine for a free categorized listing), just a general database of Canada's websites that web surfers can search through. This is a basic promoting tool for your favorite Canadian (only Canada sites are accepted) web sites. Do not add redirecting links (also, no multiple links going to the same page/thing) or your site will be banned. See our traffic STATS.

*Child porn, scams and other illegal materials may be reported to proper authorities.  


I agree to the TERMS and that my link is Canada related.
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